Cheap Replica Breitling Superocean 44 Special Watch

With the Superocean 44 Special, Breitling introduces their second (at the time of writing) timepiece which uses a ceramic bezel. If you recall, last year in 2015 Breitling released the well-priced and good-looking Chronoliner (hands-on here) that has a solid black ceramic bezel. Competing watch brands such as Rolex and Omega had introduced ceramic as a material into their lineup years previously, so it was about time cheap replica watches Breitling offered their own take on the use of the material. For 2016, Breitling uses ceramic as a bezel material for this “Special” version of the Superocean dive watch.

Superocean 44 Special
Superocean 44 Special

I have a feeling that the mostly monochromatic design of the Breitling Superocean 44 Special will look better in person than in these marketing pictures. Timepieces like this tend to look a bit boring in images, but in person their high-contrast, legible dials and versatile styling make strong visual arguments. In fact, the brand calls the Breitling Superocean 44 Special their “ocean pilot,” as they feel it combines the legibiltiy of a pilot watch with the durability of a dive watch. Last I checked, most dive watches were more legible that most pilot watches – especially at Breitling… At least the Breitling Superocean 44 Special continues that heritage.

Superocean 44 Special
Superocean 44 Special

This Breitling Superocean 44 case comes in PVD-coated black steel and is water resistant to 1000 meters with a screw-down crown (of course) and helium release valve. It looks like luxury replica Breitling watches online uses the same “mono-block” type of black ceramic bezel as the Chronoliner. This is not a mere bezel insert, but a solid piece of ceramic all around. This is unlike many other ceramic bezels which are merely rings placed into a metal frame and used as “bezel inserts.” The result should be more scratch-resistant surfaces all around, and such pieces of more complex-milled ceramic are arguably more desirable.

A look back at Breitling’s modern history with dive watches reveals a stunning variety of designs and themes. Breitling dive watches over the last 10 years have come in both mechanical and quartz variants, with modern or vintage themes, in a slew of different sizes and colors, as well as designs which are either more sports or formal. Of the recent Breitling dive watches, the best replica Breitling Superocean 44 Special very much feels like their take on the “professional diver” with a focus on functionality versus things like trendy colors.

Superocean 44 Special
Superocean 44 Special

Tool watch lovers will likely celebrate the Breitling Superocean 44 Special for its particular lack of “excess design.” Perhaps the only issue some might take with the dial design is how the 9 o’clock hour marker and the date window slightly overlap the 24-hour markers on the dial inside of the applied lume-filled hour indicator. This won’t bother most people, but I do take notice each time an aBlogtoWatch audience member comments on their dislike of how one element on a dial overlaps or cuts into another.

Inside the Breitling Superocean 44 Special is the brand’s calibre 17 automatic movement which is a base Swiss ETA. The movement has been COSC Chronometer certified, as is the case with many other Breitling timepieces. Current strap options for the cheap fake Breitling Superocean 44 Special watch are both rubber, but with different styles and are the Breitling Ocean Racer or the Diver Pro.

Six Recommendations for Weekend Replica Watches , from Our Archives

Weekends – we all live for it, don’t we? It is probably a well-deserved break that we all need, after five days’ worth of late-nights and corporate slogging. As watch lovers, first thing on our minds when we knock off on Friday? Weekend watches!

When we swap our corporate attire for our casual weekend wear, the same should be done for the watches too. Don’t you think that it’s strange to wear a dress watch, like say the A. Lange & Söhne 1815, with a pair of shorts and t-shirt? Perhaps not, but we make our point of a weekend watch.

In this installment of Throwback Sundays, we will be curating six watches that we think are casual, or should go well with your casual weekend wear. Let’s go!

Breitling Emergency II

replica watches
The cheap replica Breitling Emergency II. A watch that one should have, if they are out for an adventure.

For some of us, the weekends are meant for us to do the things we love. And well, who doesn’t love a good adventure, or a relaxing day out on a yacht?

The luxury fake Breitling Emergency II watches, now enhanced with several upgrades from its predecessor, is perhaps the one of the best companions for the thrill-seekers. Armed with the new dual antenna transmitter, the watch is able to convey the area’s coordinates accurately and seek for assistance when the function is deployed during an emergency. Besides that, the watch also features some other useful functions, such as the 1/100th second chronograph, as well as a second timezone indicator. Notably, it is fitted with a SuperQuartz™ movement, which is said to be ten times more accurate than standard quartz and chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute).

The 51mm timepiece is cased in titanium, and it retails at S$ 21,000. While the Emergency II is not exactly an inexpensive timepiece, the novelty and coolness surely makes up for the premium price tag. Replica watches for sale online.

Bulgari Octo Velocissimo

-replica watches
The Bulgari Octo Velocissimo, featuring the iconic octagon bezel.

Next up, we have a novelty from Bulgari’s iconic Octo collection – the Velocissimo.

The Velocissimo, true to its origins, features the classic Octo DNA with a little twist. The 41mm watch is cased in two materials: 18k pink gold and DLC steel. The combination, together with its stunning black lacquered dial, makes the timepiece rather chic and elegant.

The watch is powered by the Caliber BVL 328, a high frequency movement based on the Zenith El Primero. It features a date indicator at the 4:30 position, as well as a chronograph function. The finishing, which consists of circular-graining, Côtes de Genève and chamfering, is done reasonably well too.

Priced at CHF 12,950 (approximately S$ 17,720), the Octo Velocissimo is a timepiece for collectors who wants to remain fashionable and cool during the weekends. Well, we have to admit that this is a rather good-looking timepiece after all…

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph

replica watches-
The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph Deep Blue.

The rise in popularity for Audemars Piguet, especially its Royal Oak Offshore collection, has been phenomenal. The appeal lies in its chunky 42mm case, as well as its bold design cues that appeals and bode well with the younger vibrant crowd who likes their watches to be massive and casual.

The Diver Chronograph is one of the latest additions to the Offshore family. This is the first time that a complication has been added to the Diver Collection, and we feel that Audemars Piguet had done a great job for this one. The watch is now more functional, yet it still retains a simple and legible dial layout. In addition, the dual counter chronograph is powered by the in-house AP Caliber 3124/3841, although jsome critics might argue that the lack of a date counter, we think it looks fine.

The watch comes with four different colour combinations, each with a fancy coloured dial and rubber strap. The above-mentioned example, which comes with a blue dial, is our favourite among the quartet. It is priced at S$ 31,900, and we feel that it is a must-have for collectors who are die-hard AP collectors.

Panerai Luminor

replica watches_
The Luminor “Black Seal” edition, featuring a DLC coated case.

Following the Diver Chronograph, we have yet another iconic timepiece that is rather popular with collectors for its casual style. Cue the Panerai Luminor.

Originally designed for the Italian Frogmen, the demand for Panerai watches remains very strong. The Luminor collection, in particular, is a favourite among collectors. This is all thanks to its instantly recognizable design, which features a massive case and the unique crown guard. More importantly, the popularity of the watch is partly due to the immense choice of strap options. There are many alternative strap designs and materials for Panerai watches, which allow collectors to change their straps to match their style. The versatility is superb, and it is definitely appealing to collectors who want to customise the watches to their attire.

The Luminor collection varies in terms of pricing, from around S$ 6,500 for a basic time-only model, to S$ 204,500 for the Lo Scienziato Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio.

Rolex Air-King

-replica watches-
The new Rolex Air-King, featuring a design that is much more casual and less serious than its usual offerings.

The Air-King offers something different from the usual Rolex watches.

The dial design of the Air-King is unusual. This particular release features design cues from the instruments that were used in the Rolex Bloodhound SSC, in which the indices combine both the minute and hour numerals on the same dial itself. On top of that, the details – such as the green Rolex fonts and the yellow Rolex logo – add a colourful touch to the tool watch.

The Air-King is a Rolex through and through. The watch comes with the robust Oyster case and bracelet, and it is fitted with a workhorse movement (the Calibre 3131, in this case). It even comes with a five year warranty!

Priced at CHF 5,900 (approximately S$ 8,070), the 40mm Air-King is certainly another great watch to have in the collection, and the cheapest entry to a anti-magnetic Rolex. We reckon it will pair nicely with casual clothing, though it will dress up too.

Swatch Sistem51

_replica watches-

Last but not least, we have the Swatch Sistem51.

The name Swatch, which is a contraction for “Second Watch”, is probably the go-to watch for people who just want something that is fun to wear during the weekends. The Sistem51 fits in perfectly. The watch, with its revolutionary mechanical movement and a variety of funky and interesting designs, should appeal to many collectors.

Moreover, the watch is relatively affordable at S$ 207. It is certainly something cool to have in a collection, and one that will surely make the collectors feel young at heart again.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to watches for the weekend, we reckon that it should be something that is fun, and yet robust enough to withstand any impact or “torture” that the watch might undergo when the owner wears it to carry out his or her activities.Cheap replica watches for sale online.

What are some of the criteria that you will look at, when you are selecting your weekend watch? Do you share the same sentiments as us? Or do you think that we have left o some of the watches in this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Once again, we hope you enjoyed this installment of Throwback Sundays. Till the next article, cheers!

Why the Replica Breitling Chronoworks Might Be the Year’s Most Interesting Watch

Breitling combines the latest in materials and manufacturing to create the hyper-efficient Chronoworks.


At Baselworld 2016 Breitling unveiled the rather ordinary look Superocean Chronoworks with an eye-watering price of almost US$40,000 – about five times the typical cheap replica Breitling chronograph watches. That’s hard to believe until you realise the Chronoworks is the equivalent of Mercedes-AMG or BMW M – tweaked, tuned and majorly re-engineered.

The monochromatic, plain in fact, aesthetic of the Chronoworks belies the remarkably high-tech movement that combines many innovations of contemporary watchmaking in both materials and production technology. But the Chronoworks is not a fantasy concept watch, it is a 100-piece limited edition ready for sale, albeit at an absurd price. It’s a viable candidate for most interesting watch of 2016.

Based on Breitling’s in-house Calibre 01 movement, the Chronoworks has been upgraded to for high performance and ultra-efficient running, which actually translates into something more prosaic: a more practical watch with more stable timekeeping and a longer power reserve.

The ordinary Calibre 01 is, well, quite ordinary, being similar to other chronograph movements in the same price range. Breitling’s goal was improve the efficiency of the Calibre 01 – and the watchmaker succeeded, boosting the power reserve by 45 percent. Five key features of the Chronoworks made this progress possible. Though not all of the features are entirely new, this is the first time they have been combined in a single movement in a watch that is commercially available.


Starting from the bottom up…

To start with Breitling revamped the very foundations of the watch, making the base plate and bridges for the gear train out of fake Breitling watches black ceramic. Traditionally these components are made of rhodium-plated brass, which necessitates lubricated jewelled bearings for the pivots to reduce friction and wear.


Replacing brass with hexagonal boron nitride, which has a low coefficient of friction, reduces the jewel count of the movement from 47 to 36. That’s because the arbors can sit directly in the base plate, and do not require lubrication.



Further efficiency gains come from silicon wheels in the gear train. The centre, third and fourth wheels are made of silicon, a material that’s half the weight of brass and also boasts a low coefficient of friction. Because silicon wheels are produced via a process known as deep-reactive ion etching (DRIE), the same process used to make silicon wafers, the wheels can be precisely formed into unconventional shapes. Consequently the silicon wheels of the gear train have angled spokes to enhance its rigidity.


Silicon is also used in the escapement for the escape wheel and pallet fork. This parts are also made via DRIE, allowing them to be redesigned for greater efficiency. The pallet fork, for instance, is partially open-worked to reduce its weight.Cheap fake Breitling watches for sale online.


Reinterpreting an old school balance

Breitling also designed an bi-metallic variable inertia balance wheel for the Chronoworks. This free-sprung balance wheel has four gold weights on the edge of its ring. Unusually, the balance wheel is made two parts in different metals: a nickel ring combined with a brass cross on top, making it the modern equivalent of the old fashioned bimetallic balance found in marine chronometers.

These two alloys expand and contract differently with temperate changes, compensating for each other. When the ambient temperature rises, brass (being more temperature sensitive) expands at a fast rate than nickel. Thus the brass cross expands and pushes the ends of the ring towards the centre, effectively shrinking the balance wheel. This reduces its inertia, compensating for the increased elasticity of the hairspring as temperatures rise.

The constituent parts of the balance wheel, being extremely thin and unusually shaped, are produced with a process known as UV-LIGA, a lithography technique that can produce fine and precise metal components.


Springy teeth

And the final notable feature of the Chronoworks are wheels with elastic toothing, which are also produced via UV-LIGA. Similar elastic teeth have been used by Cartier in its top of the line complications, as well as movement specialist Agenhor, all of whom rely on Mimotec, a specialist in UV-LIGA based in Sion, a town in Southern Switzerland.

Breitling’s elastic toothed gears are inside the vertical clutch for the chronograph, the same wheels that transmit power from the base movement to the chronograph once it has been started. Each tooth on thse wheels have a lengthwise slits, allowing the teeth to mesh more snugly. This gets rid of of the possible seconds hand stutter or jump when starting the chronograph, since there is almost no play in the teeth. And it boosts efficiency by eliminating the friction spring that is traditionally used to prevent the stutter.


And the Chronoworks also has a longer and thinner mainspring than the basic Calibre 01. While the Calibre 01 has a 70-hour power reserve, the Chronoworks manages 100 hours. This 45 percent increase is achieved without making the watch bigger; the Chronoworks movement has the same volume as the ordinary Calibre 01.

And then there’s everything else…

While the movement is novel, the rest of the watch is somewhat common looking, so stealthy as to be totally inverse to what is inside. Very similar to the Superocean Heritage Chronograph from the standard collection, the case is 46mm and made of matte black ceramic, while the dial sticks to the style of the Superocean Heritage with some minor visual adaptations.



The Chronoworks retails for US$39,295.

Breitling deserves praise for putting together a watch that is packed with useful technology that makes regular watches better. But that’s an preposterous price that’s as far removed from the average luxury replica Breitling chronograph watches as it is from reality.

While every novel feature inside the Chronoworks is useful and well conceived, such features are the sort that will get more affordable with time and economies of scale. Expect them to make their way into more accessibly priced watches in the future.

Replica Watches Breitling Avenger Hurricane Takes Flight In Singapore

The Hour Glass, one of Singapore’s foremost luxury retailers, partnered with cheap replica Breitling watches to launch the Avenger Hurricane. On June 9, more than 150 guests attended an exclusive party, coupled with a 10-day aviation themed exhibition at Paragon, the high-end luxury mall on Orchard Road.


The Paragon Atrium was transformed for the military-themed party. An immersive aviation experience awaited the guests, as they entered the replica Breitling watches hangar. The event even featured an airfield-inspired runway for takeoff and landing, together with a 3D display of the Breitling Jet Team L-39 Albatros.

It was exciting to be able to take flight, just as pilots do and get a taste of an aeronautical adventure in the full-motion jet simulator, specially brought in by luxury fake Breitling watches for the event.


Singapore-born TV personality Randall Tan hosted the opening evening, which was abuzz as models clad in aviation suits drew a lot of attention when they strutted down the runway, partnered together with a group of debonair gentlemen, friends of exact replica Breitling watches for sale.


As if this was not already enough excitement for one night, the top pilot of the flight simulator challenge that evening was presented with a special Breitling Jet Team scale plane, highlighting the brand’s expertise as a leading specialist in the field of high-performance instruments.


Besides debuting the latest Avenger collection, guests were treated to a firsthand look at other 2016 novelties and 2 special Asia edition models – the Superocean Chronograph 42mm and Colt Automatic 41mm – redesigned to suit Asian clientele.

Green second hand Breitling fake watches

The new 50 mm Avenger Hurricane is made of an all-new ultra-sturdy and ultralight Breitlight case, a world-first in the watch industry. It is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, besides being significantly harder. The watch is powered by the new in-house Caliber B12 with 24-hour military style display.

Replica Greubel Forsey Watches Double Tourbillon in Clear Sapphire Crystal

The first ever sapphire crystal case wristwatch from Greubel Forsey. Specs and price below.


Sapphire crystal cases have been all the rage, especially with makers of pricey, bold watches like Richard Mille and Hublot. Exotic tourbillon specialist Greubel Forsey joins its peers with the Replica Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Sapphire, its twin axis tourbillon inside a clear sapphire crystal case.


Not new – Alain Silberstein made several sapphire case watches in the 1990s – but now all the rage, the sapphire crystal watch case reveals the entirely of the Double Tourbillon 30°. The Technique variant of the watch was originally intended to showcase the finely decorated movement in all its glory, hence the lack of a dial and all the exposed mechanics on the front. The sapphire case takes this to a new level, with the movement now visible from all sides.Fake Greubel Forsey watches for sale.


The sapphire case is made of three parts – bezel, middle and back. Because sapphire is more fragile, long screws with nuts that extend the height of the case (and are visible on the sides) secure its front and back. Consequently the case is larger than the ordinary Double Tourbillon 30° that is already a chunky 47.5mm in diameter. The sapphire version is 49.95mm wide and 17.15mm high.Copy Greubel Forsey watches.


Limited to eight watches, the Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Sapphire is exclusive to the North American market. The price is US$1.1m.

Cheap Replica Greubel Forsey Watches Stephen Forsey and the birth of a watch

— On collecting the award for the Replica Watches Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, Stephen Forsey stressed the need to preserve traditional watchmaking for future generations. Greubel Forsey’s “Naissance d’une montre” project is making great headway on this front.


For Stephen Forsey, success at the very top of the fine watchmaking pile for the past ten years is welcome, but handing down the skills and expertise of traditional watchmaking is just as important. He used his thank-you speech at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, where he collected the top Aiguille d’Or prize for the Cheap Fake Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision, to urge others to follow his initiative in this respect.


The initiative in question is the “Naissance d’une montre” project, which was first conceived in 2007. “We have been putting a lot of energy into this project with Time Aeon foundation and we now have the first working piece that Michel Boulanger has built from scratch using only traditional tools and methods,” Stephen Forsey explained to WorldTempus. “It is one of only very few pieces in modern times that have been made this way and many people would not go that far, so it is a magical piece.” He adds: “It is always a challenge because if you just see a photo of one of our timepieces and some numbers it doesn’t really reflect the true value of the piece. You have to go deeper into the subject to see what we are trying to do. We go beyond the expectations of even the most demanding collectors, but it’s a challenge to get that message across.”
This “school watch” is the first tangible item to emerge from the project and will help the initiators better to promote their cause. It will be auctioned at the Christie’s sale in May 2016 in Hong Kong and the proceeds will go to the Time Aeon foundation. This will allow for an additional, strictly limited, series along the same lines. “These will be available by subscription to collectors,” says Stephen Forsey. “Here, too, all the profit will be ploughed back into the foundation and we are hoping this way that we can obtain funds that will allow us to transmit this know-how. At the moment we have Michel who is the guardian of the temple, but this is very fragile because it is only one person. We need to build a nucleus of people with these skills and expertise and we need to draw attention to that and see what support we can get from the watch community.”

Michel Boulanger’s working piece. © Replica Waches Greubel Forsey

The next major phase of the project will thus be one of communication. “What we have seen at Replica Greubel Forsey Watches with the help of Philippe Dufour on the ground in Singapore and Hong Kong in September, is that the whole community is concerned and willing to support the project,” says Stephen Forsey. “We are also pleased to have the support of auctioneers Christie’s, who dedicated a whole wall and showcase for us at the preview to their sale in Dubai. We are hoping to find one regional partner in all the key regions and we have some retailers who are going to support the project, such as Elegant Watch in Hong Kong and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons in the UAE.”
The Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie in Switzerland is also a partner in the project and has granted it a separate, dedicated exhibition space at the SIHH 2016. It will be accessible from the new “Carré des Horlogers” housing the smaller independent brands and still be managed by Greubel Forsey. Philippe Dufour (the teacher), Michel Boulanger (the teacher turned apprentice) and Séverine Vitali (a hand-finishing specialist from Greubel Forsey) will all be on hand to explain the project during the exhibition. This marks an important turning point for the project, as Stephen Forsey concludes: “The idea is to give the project its own feet, because we have housed it in the Best Replica Greubel Forsey Watches stand up until now. It is, after all, a community project. Robert and myself have financed the project because we felt it was so important.”

Michel Boulanger and Philippe Dufour. © Replica Watches Greubel Forsey

“The birth of a watch – timeline”
2007 – Robert Greubel, Stephen Forsey and Philippe Dufour reach the alarming conclusion that an entire heritage of ancestral watchmaking techniques was on the verge of disappearing.
2009 – “Le Garde Temps – Naissance d’une Montre” was started
2012 – The project is officially presented at the SIHH
2015 – The first finished watch is presented

SIHH 2016 Novelties From Replica Watches Greubel Forsey

There are those who introduce almost 100 new watches at SIHH 2016. And then there’s Replica Watches Greubel Forsey. The independent brand, creator of high-end timepieces that command dizzying prices, unveiled three timepieces in Geneva, each one inviting the world’s elite a little deeper into the Greubel Forsey universe.


You may recognise certain elements of the Double Balancier à Différentiel Constant. This SIHH 2016 novelty features the brand’s sixth invention (who’s counting?), first seen in the Double Balancier Incliné. The two inclined balance wheels, initially positioned one above the other, now occupy distinct and separate three-dimensional spaces that can be fully admired thanks a large aperture between 4 o’clock and 10 o’clock. The Double Balancier à Différentiel Constant is a limited edition of 33 pieces in white gold.


As its name suggests, the Signature 1 is the first in a new line of collaborative watches made between Sale Fake Greubel Forsey Watches and independent watchmakers. The collection, the latest ‘educational’ project led by the duo, is inaugurated by Didier J.G. Cretin. A longtime Best Replica Greubel Forsey partner, Cretin introduces a manually wound three-hands watch (the first ever at Greubel Forsey) that features an exclusive balance wheel and gold dial. The Signature 1 will be available in a limited edition of 33 pieces in gold, platinum, and steel (by advance order only).

Greubel-Forsey _

Replica Watches Greubel Forsey scooped the industry’s most prestigious prize three months ago, when the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Vision was awarded the “Aiguille d’Or” prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2015. The victorious timepiece is back, this time in a celebratory red gold case with an anthracite dial and a sapphire case-back to let everyone admire the award-winning Tourbillon 24 Secondes.

Greubel Forsey – Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain with Titanium Movement

Replica Watches Greubel Forsey presented the new Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain Titanium with natural titanium movement housed in a red or white gold round case. The case measures 43.5mm in diameter by 15.2mm high and features synthetic sapphire crystals, domed on the dial side and a flat display back.

Greubel Forsey-

Fake Watches Greubel Forsey’s third invention, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes mechanism, is supported by a transparent sapphire bridge which gives the impression that the tourbillon is floating.

The long central tripod for the hour and minute hands and the multi-level dial with a raised sapphire chapter ring create a fascinating three dimensional dial.

-Greubel Forsey-

The only numeral in the dial – the “12” in red or white gold depending on the case metal – stands out for being raised from the chapter ring.

The power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock, the small seconds at 9 o’clock and the 24 seconds Replica Greubel Forsey Watches tourbillon at 6 o’clock create a nice contrast with the light grey of the natural titanium movement and integrated titanium bridges.

Through the sapphire crystal display back, the three NAC-treated anthracite bridges reveal the superb finishing: mirror-polished bevels, mirror-polished countersinks, straight-graining and snailed decoration on the mainspring barrel, and heat blued screws.


The movement comprises 268 components, 88 for the ultra‐light 0.39-gram Replica Watches Greubel Forsey For Sale tourbillon cage alone, and is powered by two coaxial mainspring barrels in series providing an optimal power reserve of 72 hours.

A hand-stitched alligator strap with a folding clasp in red gold or white gold completes the timepiece.

Replica Watches Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1, Featuring Micro-Sculpture Inside

Introduced in Geneva last month, the Cheap Fake Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 is an amazing collaboration between watchmaker and artist. It features a 30° inclined double tourbillion, combined with a micro-scultpture, created by renowned artist Willard Wigan. The sculptures that Wigan creates are so small they are not even visible to the naked eye. So small intact, that Replica Watches Greubel Forsey had to build a microscope into the timepiece. This is unchartered territory, so it was no easy task to produce a microscope that has a large opening and enough light for a human eye to see in, without making the optic too big that it would ruin the proportions of the timepiece.


By closing one eye and looking through the optical opening in the crown, one can enjoy a magnified view of the one-of-a-kind micro-sculpture through the 23x microscope.


To give you a better idea of how difficult it is to create something this small, Wigan has to slow down his heartbeat in order guide his scalpel in between the beats of his heart. When you think about how small, detailed and incredible watchmaking is — especially at the level that Fake Greubel Forsey Watches work at — it seems only fitting that they would collaborate with the artist best know for creating the world’s smallest works of art.


Replica Watches Greubel Forsey Diamond Set Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain

Cheap Fake Greubel Forsey Watches are celebrating their 10th Anniversary in style this year, dressing the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain up in a bevy of diamonds.


Admittedly Greubel Forsey is not a name you would usually associate with the phrase ‘Haute Joaillerie’, or diamonds in general for that matter, which for many (myself included) is a good thing. Don’t be fooled though, this is still Replica Watches Greubel Forsey, the term ‘compromise’ does not exist in their vocabulary, which means if they decide to make gem-set diamond timepiece, you know it’s going to be absolutely incredible. The Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain is arguably one of Greubel Forsey’s most accessible and also most familiar pieces, making it the perfect candidate to help celebrate this important milestone. That being said, it is almost unrecognizable (in a good way of course) beneath the high quality, 272 baguette cut diamonds – totaling a healthy 9.71 carats – that now adorn the dial, the bezel and the lugs. As you would expect they are of the finest quality, clarity IF, color D-E. Presented in a 43.5mm white gold case, the Fake Watches Greubel Forsey Diamond Set Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain is truly a thing of beauty.